Blue Stimulus, 2017

Acetone on Lightbox, 2016

Dogpatch Mud on Lightbox, 2016

2015 MA Show


Rumination, 2014

 (digital print on acrylic panel, oil paint on acrylic panel, led lights)

Selfie, 2015 (frame is painted Trompe-l'œil-its not 'real', oil on gold leaf on panel, oil on screen print, incandescent light bulbs). 33"x38".

Shame, 2015 (oil, gold leaf, and paper on panel, incandescent light bulb). 18"x24"

Hair Magic, 2014

Hair Magic (Installation at Embark Gallery 2016)

Royal Portrait of a Squirrel, 2014 (painting: oil on wallpaper on canvas) 

This painting was used as the basis for a t-shirt design. 15 t-shirts were sold. 

The Pursuit of Status (Senior Thesis), 2014 (Trompe-l'œil frames: oil paint or screen print on gold leaf on panel, inside frame: oil on panel)

Selected Early Works (2011-2013)